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tv   WRAL News 5PM  NBC  November 7, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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- morning. - hi. it's the version you can take the kids to. why? who you lookin' to hurt? diane, jimmy liery died at the hands of a crook and a killer like he was. from my point of view, that's the end of the story. i'm sorry that it caused complications in your personal life. you told me... that your relationship with bobby was at a difficult point.
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any permanent damage? not from this. take care, diane. hmm. - mornin'. - oh, hi, bobby. - boss change the chart? - no. i'm off. um, i wanted to talk to you about dinner. what's up?p? uh, if we had to, would it be okay eatin' at my place inststd of goin' out? sure. my ex-husband is bein' a jerk about whether he'll take the boys. - you don't have to talk me into home cookin'. - well, the alternative is... we could do it another night. no, no. - this is-- this is good. - okay. i'll see you later. yeah. we shoot for, like, 7:00.
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morning. how's it goin'? [sighs] give me a ads-up
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we need to talk to a detective. i'm detective simone. this is detective sipowicz. how's it goin'? mr. kozler and i are diamond dealers. i'm jerry silverton. his sister is missing with a million, four in stones. - well, let's talk in here. - all right. that's fine. thank you. right this way. how long has your sister been missing? i last heard from alice two days ago. your sister give any indication she was worried, felt like she was in danger? no. consigning diamonds-- you've done that with her in the past? i've been doing business with her brother for 15 years. this was my favor to him. uh, we both agree, the person responsible for this is fred morgan. my sistetes been seeing him, and he told alice he had a buyer. yesterday, he contacted a dealer at the diamond exchange up 47th street who's a ariend.
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could you point him out to us? yes. i can. i've seen him several times. tell her we're thinkin' of her. - you guys got a minute? gina's at the bellevue e.r. - our gina? - yeah. she got attacked on the street. - what happened to her? the cop said the e.r. doc told him her life's not in danger. . - oh, my god..- yeah. s at the scene. get gina's statement. yeah. sure, boss. all right. lieu, uh, these two guys-- the taller one's sister is missing... with a jewelry consignment, belongs to the othererne. now both 'em like a guy for takin' her off, maybe hurting her. they set up a meetin'... - in the diamond district in about a half an hour. - yeah. all right. - what's that? - gina the p.a.a.-- she got attacked and slashed. oh, man. it serious? she all right? i don't know. if you're going to do it, you ought to get going.
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astic surgeon. okay. brought you some visitors. [medavoy] hey, gina. - [russell] how are you, gina? - a man attacked me. he tried to rape me, but i didn't let him. he cut me with a knife. - that's why they want a specialist to stitch on me. - you're gonna be fine, gina. he was a-- a big, strong white guy. he must have been following me. he... grabbed me, and he dragged me into this empty building, and he started trying to rape me. and. that if i didn't stop and let him it, that he was gonna stab me. but i couldn't stop, and he started cutting on me.
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a little more of a description, gina? - uh, you said he was tall, white. - h-he had bad liquor breath. he looked at me like he hated me. huh. anythin abououhis clothes? uh, he had a-- a blue jacket, i think, a-and a blue wool cap pulled down over his head. - you'u'recognize him if you saw him again. - i-i don't wanna see him. needo spend so time with gina a w. yeah. sure, doc. - we'll be back to see you soon. - doctors are gonna take good care of ya. that son of a bitch. she never hurt a soul. i get my hands on him, he's done. he's finished. james, you wanna get yourself off the case? hell no. i wanna c cch this guy. then get a hold of yourself. you keep talkin' like that, you're off. okay. okay. i'll watch it, all right? just don't let the boss take me off this.
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[tapping] - mornin', gabe. - what's goin' on, jerry? new york city detectives. we understand you have a meeting this morning with a fred morgan. yeah. he should be here any minute. is somethin' wrong? we have some questions that we have to put to mr. morgan. now we're gonna be standin' right over here. now when he comes in, just try to act normal, then step aside when we move in to talk to him. look. look, it's him. [shouts] where's my sister? - where is she, u son of a bitch? - [simone] unlock the door! [simone] hey. hey. hey! police! stop!
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how'd you do? missing woman's brother xxxxxed the guy. got away in a car. - you get the plate? - yeah. it's registered to an "arthur... boyd." lives here in the precinct. boyd's on his way in. the guy involved with the sister-- this, uh, fred morgan--
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ng girl: she's holed up waitin' for morgan. otherwise, she's dead.. yeah, this is probably boyd-- guy who owns the getaway car. mr. boyd? what do you want with me? come here. take a seat. where were you this morning? out. - yeah? out? - out where? drivin' with a friend of mine. - who's your friend? - fred morgan. just got some breakfast, then home. [chuckles] well, mr. boyd, we got a lot of witnesses that put you and fred somewheres else. they're wrong. hmm. they're all wrong. mr. boyd, your right move here... is to tell us what you and fred morgan were doin' this morning and where we can find fred now. otherwise, you are in the way of a freight train, you understand? - you can be an accomplice to a grand larceny, maybe worse. - wait. was doin' legitimate business. what kinda business? s-some diamond thing.
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and he hopped into your car, and with the door open you lay 50 feet of rubber-- that's you knowin' how legitimate this whole thing was? i-i didn't know it was the cops. he said someone was tryin' to rip him off. - i swear. i'm not his partner, and i wasn't his wheel man. - who's he workin' with now? - his girlfriend, alice. - and where's she at? - she bailed out. he said they weren't gettin' along. - when's the last you saw her? - last week. - where's fred now? he hopped out at a stop light. i swear. art, tell us where to find him, okay? because if he gets away, you go to jail. w. i-i can't help you with the girl, but if he's got those diamonds stashed, i could show you where. - he's got a stash in his apartment? - i helped him to put it there. he said it was for bein' in the diamond bususess. i'm gonna call the d.a.'s office, try to get a warrant. if you got to know fred, h-he's-- he's got a good heart.
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-i don't feel nothin' in there. -yeah, well, maybe something may have fallen behind the wall? no. we-- w-we knocked a hole from inside where this closet was... and-- and fixed a ledge, thenene sealed the hole. but he must have sealed up this closet altogether. there was a closet here? [hollow knocking] was s en i worked on it. okay. come over here.
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pull it the way over there. sh-- oh, my god. - [sighs] - oh, my god. this bastard-- he really had to work to get her in there. yeah. your friend's got a real good heart. pted purse-snatch," but the description fits what gina gave us: "white male, 20s, medium build, three weeks ago." - where? - 200 block of t trd street. good. that's close enough. we oughta check that out. okay? yeah.
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hought she wouldn't be found for 20 years. - and that was under the couch? - hmm. still in the recorder, plus he had a miniature mike taped to the inside of one of the couch legs. [man] my buyer's having trouble with the money transfer. your consignor... gets paid 10 times faster if i go to him with the stones. [woman] i don't like goin' against t word. [man] i get so depressed when you doubt me like this. this is what does it. well, then state the stones are consigned to me... till i can work this out-- to reaffirm you have faith in me. let a little time go by, then state it,t,hen i'm gonna kiss you. [woman giggles] i consign these stones freely to fred morgan. of your own free will. yes. [clicks off] [sipowicz] about a minute later, he croaks her. -anything on morgan's last address? -he lived at his mother's hous. neighbor said that, uh, she's been at her sister's in philadelphia.
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's mother...
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excuse me. i'm a detective. s an incident, took place about three weeks ago, across the street. happen to see anything? no. i didn't see anything. what was it-- a robbery or a killing or something? more like an assault. no, no. but i'm not surprised though, 'cause a bad crowd has moved in the neighborhood. the other day. they was all drunk. and-- and-- and before that, there was, uh, some man... wrestling around with a woman across the street over there. - yeah? how long ago was that? - oh, couple weeks or so.
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she had black hair. the man, he was white too and kinda bulky looking, and, uh, he had one of those, uh, blue knit caps on. right. he had gotten a hold of her and was dragging her, and then.... two men came and chased him away. - can you describe more what he looked like? uh-- - he was just a big nothing. i'd seen him before. i think he lives right across the street there. - he lives across the street? - yeah, i think so, in that-- i-i've seen him go in that building there-- the one withthll the trash out front. - all right. greg! - all right. thanks. okay. thank you. you've been very helpful. okay. thanks. what's up? got a location onon suspect across the street. yeah? i don't know what to do with you, james. i'll just be backup. i'll bebekay.
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in his 20s, medium build, wears a blue navy watch cap? yeah. and i hope y y arrest him. he's a hoodlum. - why do you say that, sir? - he's got no business here. that apartment there is vacant, unoccupied. he broro into an empty apartment, and he's living there. he said, if i go to the police, he'll break my neck and kill eddie. - who's eddie? - my little buddy. - he's not in there now? - no. i saw him go out. re. - all right. thank you very much for all your help, sir. - don't say i told you anything. no. we won't. thank you. - you wanna sit on the place? - [martinez] definitely. um, i don't think you oughta stay with us, james. -i'm against my better judgment allowin' it up to now. -i'm staying.
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real friend, greg. - james-- james, wouldn't it be more helpful being with gina? - what am i gonna do there? - she's lying there, feeling awful. yeah. all right. i-i guess you got a point. anything happens, you know we're gonna let you know. -yeah. all right. you'll let me know if this is the guy? -[medavoy] absolutely. all right. you set up, and i'll ride over there. then state it, then i'm gonna kiss you. freely to fred morgan. of your own free will. yes. - i love you so much. i'm aroused. - [woman giggles] [silverton] please. why are you so aroused? - [morgan] everything about you. - don't be too rough with me. - you're getting too rough! - all right. that's enough, mr. silverton. [clicks off]
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she's the sweetest person. tried to help him, and he took advantage. he's going to pay. let us take care of that. we got a good line on finding him, people comin' in. is it on that tape that he kills her? there's sounds of a struggle. that's my sister. and i got her the stones, and he killed her for them. hi, james. hi. i didn't wanna wake you up. plastic surgeon stitched me up. i looked to talk to him.
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he says i'm lacerated on my face and my upppp body. don't worry about nothin', gina. you're gonna be all right. my sister came, but she ran out crying. they, uh-- they gigi you pain medicine? something to stop worrying, but i can't stop thinking about it. it hurtsts and i'm afraid what i'm gonna look like. you're gonna be fine. can you not go away, james? yeah. i'll stay as long as you want. all right?
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